1980 Wyoming Alpine Club Mt. McKinley Expedition

1981 Trans-America Bicycle Trek

1982 Yellowstone Circumnavigation Ski Trek

1983 Trans-Europe Bicycle Trek

1984  ShishiPangma Tibet American Expedition (26,285 ft); 2nd American ascent

1985 Trans-Eastern Bloc Bicycle Trek; Orizaba Expedition

1986  U.S. Everest North Face Expedition

1987 Trans-Africa Bicycle Trek, ascents of Mt. Kenya and Kilimanjaro

1988 Swedish Arctic Circle Expedition, first ascent of highest peaks

1989 Siberian Passage, first coast-to-coast crossing of Russia by bicycle

1991 Niger River Expedition, first descent of the Niger River in West Africa

1992 Bolivia Expedition, solo ascent of north face of Huayna Potosi (20,000 ft.)

1993 Burma  Expedition, first ascent of two 20,000 ft. peaks in Tibet

1994 Orizaba Expedition II

1995 Waddington Expedition (Canada), first ascent of the Dahlgleish Face 

1996 Arunachal Pradesh Reconnaisance Expedition

1997 Aconcagua Expedition (23,000 ft.)

1998 Northern Burma Reconnaisance Expedition

1999 Northern Burma Reconnaisance Expedition II

2000 Denali Expedition

2001 Ethiopian Highlands Expedition, Matterhorn Traverse

2002 United States Marine Corps Winter Training Expedition

2003 Burma Road Expedition

2004 Afghanistan Wakhan Corridor Expedition

2005 Eastern Tibet Expedition

2006 Bhutan Traverse Expedition

2007 Nanga Parbat Polish Winter Expedition

2008 Eastern Congo Mountain Gorilla Expedition

2009 Greenland Climate Change Expedition

2010 Keketuohai China Expedition

2011 Nat Geo Deepest Cave in the World Expedition; Norway Ski Traverse

2012 Nat Geo Everest Expedition; Nat Geo Largest Cave Expedition to Vietnam

2013 Altai Mountains Ski Expedition

2014 National Geographic Burma Expedition

2015 Lowest to Highest---Death Valley to Mt. Whitney---Expedition

2016 First Ascent of Southeast Face of Nyambo Konka, Tibet

2017 Sinai Rock Climbing Expedition, many first ascents

2018 Transylvanian Alps Traverse