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Mark Jenkins
Foreign Correspondent, Explorer, Author, Speaker

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A world-renowned explorer, critically acclaimed author, adventure travel columnist and international journalist, for the last decade Mark Jenkins has covered the globe for National Geographic Magazine, Outside Magazine, Atlantic, Backpacker and more. Among hundreds of stories, he has written about landmines in Cambodia, mountain gorillas in Africa, the loss of koalas in Australia, global warming in Greenland, ethnic cleansing in Burma and climbing Mt. Everest. Jenkins has done over 50 expeditions and over 100 foreign assignments. Author Annie Proulx says “Mark Jenkins is the global version of street-smart. He is an inquisitive, thinking explorer who leavens common sense with joie de vivre as he takes us into tight corners at the back of the world. He’s the real thing.”

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As a foreign correspondent for the past 30 years, Mark Jenkins has explored the most remote, difficult and dangerous places on the planet. He will do whatever it takes to get the story. On assignment in Afghanistan, he was arrested by the Tajik KGB and interrogated for a week. On assignment in Burma, he was arrested by the military junta multiple times. On assignment in eastern Congo, he was captured by the murderous Hutu guerillas. Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, says “Mark Jenkins purposefully goes out and taunts the gods. How he gets away with it is probably why he’s had 30 to 40 arrests---and no convictions.” 


Adventure Travel Articles:


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Sometimes the toughest climb is out of your mind and into your own animal skin

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A Daring Journey Into the Big Unknown of America’s Largest National Park

If dangling from a rope inside a melting glacier is your idea of a vacation, then come with us to Alaska’s Wrangell-St. Elias

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WyoFile Interview

The hard way: Mark Jenkins on one of the world’s toughest peaks

You can take a plane to the North Pole and a helicopter to the base of Mt. Everest. “There aren’t many truly remote places left in the world,” said writer and climber Mark Jenkins.

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The Atlantic

Hidden Kingdom

Bhutan may be modernizing rapidly, but it’s still one of the most unspoiled places on Earth.


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“Mark Jenkins purposefully goes out and taunts the gods. How he gets away with it is probably why he’s had 30 to 40 arrests—and no convictions.”

—Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia